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  • Preferred Guest Reservation Program
  • Preferred Guest Reservation Program
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  • February 8, 2024 - February 15, 2024

Preferred Guest Reservation Program

From now through October 17, 2022, Guests may enroll in the Preferred Guest Reservation Program. Doing so entitles you to select a stateroom and complete a reservation by invitation sometime between October 17 and October 30, 2022. Your date to select your stateroom will be prioritized based upon the order in which you enroll.

A deposit will be due at the time of enrollment, which amount will be applied towards your stateroom reservation and is fully refundable at any time before November 15, 2022. Only one Preferred Guest Reservation per stateroom is needed to enroll. If you are sharing the financial responsibility for the stateroom with another guest, that information will be conveyed when you select your stateroom and complete your reservation. 

Guests enrolled in the Preferred Guest Reservation Program will receive full instructions for selection and reservation process at least five (5) days before they are eligible to make the selection and complete the reservation.